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Friday, 30 December 2011


New Year Greetings-2013



Happy & Prosperous 

New Year-2013

to all its viewers
(Dr. Haribhajan Singh)
Prevoious greeting cards

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi)
(Baba Farid Ji)

(Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

(Baba Bulle Shaah)

(Hazrat Shah Hussain)

(Vaaris Shah)
(Lala Dhani Ram Chaatrik)

(Nand Laal Noorpuri)
(Bhaai Veer Singh)

(Amrita Pritam)
Team of PCSCI
Dr Manu Sharma Sohal, Editor Sanjh

Dr Jagtar Dhiman, Director Research, PAU, Ludhiana

 Shri Swarnjit Savi, reknowned Poet and Painter & Photoartist
Advisory Team

Principal Prem Singh Bajaj, Director, Library Punjabi Sahitya Academy, Ludhiana

Dr Meherban Batlavi, Asstt. Professor, Punjabi University, Patiala

 Sunil Kumar Neel, Inspector Post Offices, Mandi (H.P.)

Advisory Team (International)
 Er.Joginder Kalsi, Cinematographer & Documentary Producer, Canada

 Jenab Safir Rammah, Managing Director, APNA

 Er Raj Lally Sharma Chicago

Punjabi culture and literature have undergone major transformations over the years. With an aim to preserve and promote the Punjabi Culture, the Punjabi Culture Study Circle International (PCSCI) was set up in October 2002, with Dr (Mrs) Manu Sharma Sohal and Dr Jagtar Dhiman.  It is a non-religious, non-political missionary body striving to work for the promotion of Punjabi and Punjabiat.

Team of PCSCI

·         Dr Manu Sharma Sohal, Editor ‘Saanjh’
·         Dr Jagtar Dhiman, Director Communication, PAU
·         S. Swarnjit Savi, renowned Poet & Artist, Artcave

Advisory Team
·          Principal Prem Singh Bajaj, Director Ref. & Res. Library, Punjabi Sahytia Academy
·         Dr Meharban Batalavi, Punjabi University, Patiala.
·         Suneel Kumar, Inspector, Post Offices
Advisory Team (International)
·         Er. Joginder Kalsi, Cinematographer, video-grapher and documentary producer, CANADA,
·         Jenab Safir Rammah, Director, Academy of Punjab in North America, USA
·         Shri Raj Lally Sharma, CHICAGO

Literary Affiliations

PCSCI  welcomes developing viable linkage with National/International bodies having similar agenda of promoting Punjabi culture .rising above religion, regional and political barriers. It has developed viable linkages with the following  International bodies having similar agenda of promoting Punjabi culture
·         Punjabi TV program The Visions of Punjab
·         www.punjabimart.com in Canada,
·         Academy of Punjab in North America (APNA)
·         Pride of India Radio, Denmark
·         Punjabi Listener's Club, Leicester, UK

Mission of PCSCI

·         The PCSCI has a mission to achieve the following objectives
·         To preserve and promote Punjabi Culture.
·         To develop viable linkage with like-minded organizations in different parts of the world.
·         To provide forum for the young writers to express themselves about Punjabi and Punjabiat.
·         To create awareness about the on going cultural pollution in Punjab.


Remembering Shiv – I
 A literary function ‘Shiv Di Yaad Vich’ was organised at Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana on 3.11.2002 in  collaboration with Sarav Bharati Likhari Sabha International.  Some participants sang the compositions of Shiv Kumar Batalavi and a few of Shiv’s acquaintances/friends shared their reminiscences about him.

Seminar on ‘ Cultural Pollution in Punjab’
Remebering Shiv - II
 The PCSCI held its second function‘Remembering Shiv Kumar Batalavi-II’ on January 30, 2003, at the Seminar Hall of Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana on which the followings events took place:

·        Some of the contemporaries of Shiv Kumar Batalavi were invited in this function who shared their reminiscences about Shiv Kumar Batalavi with the audience. Notable of them were Shri Ajaib Chitrakar, Shri Surjit Patar and Shri Harsh  Kumar Harsh. Some NRIs too graced this occasion with their presence and participation. The following events took place.

·        A seminar on “ Cultural Pollution in Punjab” was organized wherein Dr Rakesh Kumar of Government College for Women, Ludhiana delivered the key-note address.

·        A preview copy of documentary ‘A Punjabi Village’ was screened.  This documentary is produced by Er. Joginder Kalsi

·       The following personalities were honored, for their literary and cultural contributions : Dr Surjit Patar (Punjabi Sahit Academy ), Er Joginder Kalsi (The Vision of Punjab, Canada), Shri Safir Rammah (Academy of Punjab in North America), Shri Harbhajan Phallewalvi (Sarav Bharati Likhari Sabha, International)

Remembering Shiv Kumar Batalavi-III
 ·        A function, ‘Remembering Shiv Kumar Batalavi-III’ was organised on 3rd March, 2003, at Chawla Hotel, Ludhiana.  The following events took place.

·        Some close friends of Shiv Kujmar Batalavi were invited and honored. They narrated their nostalgic memories of the moments spent with the poet.  Those who shared their memories were S. Charanjit Singh,  Mrs Paramjit Nijjar,  S. Sukhdev Madpuri,   Shri K.Deep, S.Ransaran Mansoorvi
 ·        Others, who spoke on the occasion were Shri Jogindedr Kalsi, Shri Joginder Singh Bedi, Dr Jagtar Dhiman, Prof. Kulwant Jagraon,  and  Mrs Manu Sharma Sohal.
 ·        Mrs Gurcharan Kochher,   Shri Iqbal Gaba and Shri Tirlochan Lochi enthralled the audience with recitation of  ghazals on this occasion.
 ·        Mr Chawla spoke on cultural pollution.
 ·        Students recited their poems.

Remembering Shiv IV

A functioin “Lokee Poojan Rabb Mein Tera Birhara” was organised on 21st April, 2003,  at Government college for Women on  in collaboration with Asian Club International and the Government College for Women.  The following events took place.

·        An inter school contest in singing and dances was held and the winning entries were awarded mementos and certificates.

·        A short one act play ‘Luna’, directed by Dr Manu Sharma,  was presented by students.
 ·        A folk dance competition was also held in which teams from several schools participated.
 ·        An exhibition of the memorabilia,  cassettes and books  about Shiv Kumar
Batalavi was also displayed. 
 ·        Mr Lalit Bhatia, IPS who was the Chief  Guest on the occasion, released the poetry book  ‘Dew Drops’ by Dr Jagtar Dhiman. 

Felicitating Jenab Safir Rammah
Remembering Shiv - V

·        A function to felicitiate Jenab Safir Rammah. Coordinator Academy of Punjab in North America, and Mohtarma Aisha, was organized on December 26, 2003, at Punjabi Bhavan Ludhiana in collaboration with Punjabi Majlis International. Following events took place :
 ·        Mrs Paramjit, Gurcharan Singh and Pritpal presented a painting of Shiv Kumar Batalavi to Jenab Safir Rammah. Contemporaries of  Shiv Kumar Batalavi shared their memories about Shiv Batalavi.
 ·        Writers and activists including S. Charanjit Singh, Shri Ajaib Chitrakar, Dr Surjit Patar, Sardar Panchhi, Shri N.S.Nanda, Dr S.N.Sewak, Prof Gurbhajan Gill, Prof Kulwant Jagraon,  Shri Ashwani Chattley and Dr Kanrail Singh Kalsi presented their views on Punjabi culture.
 ·        A poetical session on the Indo-Pak fraternity was also held on this occasion. Shri Ajaib Chitrakar, Dr Surjit Patar, Sardar Panchhi, Dr Jagtar Dhiman, Mrs Manu Sharma Sohal, Prof Gurbhajan Gill, Prof Kulwant Jagraon, Shri Charanjit Singh presented their poems highlighting the indo-Pak fraternity.
 ·        The famous Sufi singer Dev Dildar sang the compositions of  Surjit Patar and Bulle Shah.
 ·        The literary activities of Jenab Safir Rammah, Mohtarma Aisha, Principal Prem Singh Bajaj and Er Jaswant Jafar were recognized with the awards of ‘Wirsey da Waris’, ‘Sarghi di Loe’, ‘Sahit Sagar’ and ‘Kaav Deep’ respectively. On this occasion Mrs Gurcharan Kochher, Mrs Prithpal, Mohinderdeep Grewal, Mohinder Singh Grewal, Dalip Bharti, Braj Bhushan presented their works to Jenab Safir Rammah.
 ·        Mrs Manjeet Dhiman presented a copy of documentary ‘A Punjabi Village’ on behalf of Joginder Kalsi, to Jenab Safir Rammah. The function concluded with a session of inter-action with media.
 ·        The documentations prepared by the PCSCI namely, Preliminary Survey Report of Cultural Pollution in East Punjab, One Year of PCSCI in Press, Literary Greeting Card dedicated to Baba Farid, and Newsletter of PCSCI were released on this occasion.

Talent Hunt contests
  •  Talent hunt contests are also organized by the PCSCI from time to time to encourage students.
  • Folk Dance competition was held at Government college for Women in April 2003, in which teams from various schools participated.
  • Competition on singing of poetry of Shiv Batalavi was also held at this occasion.
  • A painting competition was conducted on the theme of ‘Save Water’
  • Besides children from different other schools,  Special Children from Ek Paryas (A Center for handicapped children) were also invited to participate.  The winners were awarded with S. Amar Singh Dhiman Memorial Award.
  • School Children also played small kits on ‘Save Water’.

 In January 2003, a benchmark survey on cultural pollution was designed.   A meeting of the Press was organized on January 22, 2003 at Chawla Hotel, Ludhiana wherein the slated program of the PCSCI, especially the ongoing survey work, was discussed. The proceedings of the meeting were recorded by Er Joginder Kalsi (Canada) for TV Channel ‘The Vision of Punjab’
 A survey proforma was got filled from persons from different fields. A final report was prepared in December 2003, based on the research carried out during one year.
Literary greeting cards

 PCSCI has begun a tradition of sending literary greeting cards every year.  To start with we dedicated its  New Year Greeting Card, 2002, to the great poet Shiv Kumar Batalavi. In this card the transliteration of a stanza from the poetry of Shiv Kumar Batalavi was presented in four scripts  Gurmukhi, Hindi, English and Pharsi.  This effort received a great applause from far and near.  We are maintianing this tradition ever since then, dedicating  our other cards to  Baba Farid, Guru Nanak Dev,  Bulle Shah, Shah Husaain, Dhani Ram Chatrik, Nand Lal Nurpuri and Bhai Veer Singh.  The greeting card for 2012 has been dedicated to Amrita Pritam.